I am Helen Ho.

I'm an impact-driven UX designer with a multi-disciplinary design background, based in Oakland, CA. 

I've been around computers and technology for most of my life, so I have a knack of solving complex problems, especially within the digital space. My goal is to make digital spaces as friendly and enjoyable for people.

Aside from doodling shapes, I'm a chatterbox around my friends. You can find me chatting away over personal life experiences with a nice cup of boba.

About Me

I'm a bay area native.

I was born in San Francisco and later moved to Oakland at a young age. I've been in the east bay all my life, and saw how much change there has been over time.


I'm a boba addict.

I've been a proud boba drinker since 2006 when Quickly's made their store debut in Oakland, Chinatown. Since then, I've been actively seeking out new and unique boba spots. If there is word of a new location in the bay, I'm there to try it.  


I'm a gamer.

My first console was the NES, where I discovered the amazing world of video games. Since then, gaming has been a dear hobby of mine. If I'm not busy designing or eating, I'm taking a deep dive into a virtual fantasy world. 

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